Johnny Kick a Hole in the Sky (alonewastintime) wrote in fgcsl,
Johnny Kick a Hole in the Sky

What is EVERYONE doing December 20th? I was thinking about hosting a HUGE Scrabble party. I want everyone to come, even people who've never been before or people that came to only one "meeting" before. I'm even gonna make invitations because I want this to happen that much.
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Well I work that day but that night I'm so in. Are you sure you don't have work?
DECEMBER 20th, not November. You don't know whether or not you work that day.
Sally already told me that I work everyday you loser, and we arent allowed to ask for time off over winter break.
Right. Well It probably wouldn't start until 7ish.

Deleted comment

Oh wow it'll be the scrabble non-denominational holiday party where we have a "secret gift exchange" and there'll be holiday decorations and everyone will have a grand time. Ooh I'm so excited.
this is gunna be sooooooo sweet
i will be there with bells. can i help with the invitations? <3